Kasia Dippel

Illustrator & Graphic designer

Kasia portret kleur.jpg

Kasia Dippel - a left-handed designer and illustrator. She has always drawn horses, but only in the primary school she discovered that their legs bend in the joints...

Polish illustrator Kasia Dippel (1974) graduated from the Warsaw Art Academy. In addition to her work as a graphic designer where she mainly focuses on brand branding, she gives shape to her love for horses with a project called Paper Horses. Kasia scans her sketches, made with pen and ink, after which she digitally further processes them with handmade structures.

Recent exhibitions
2019 - "Following the Footsteps" in the Bellotto gallery in Warsaw

2019 - "Paint, draw, sculpt horses" with the group Equitas Equitatum in Olsztyn
2017 - Individual exhibition at the Cultural Center in Brwinów
2017 - As part of the Festival of Equestrian Art in Warsaw

Upcoming exhibitions

 2019 - Fair of Affordable Art in Warsaw

For more on Kasia's art, please visit Paard Verzameld.