Babette Horschler

Contemporary artist, 

Since her childhood, Babette Horschler (1963) has been fascinated by the relationship between humans and horses, a relationship that has been depicted for over 30,000 years. Starting with the unknown artists in the Chauvet cave, the horses pulling Egyptian and Roman chariots, the sketches of Da Vinci, the paintings of Gericault and Stubbs, to the ingenious strokes of Picasso - all of which she has been admiring since her youth and have influenced her work.


Whether as a workhorse, racehorse, warhorse, family pet, myth or status symbol – the horse is a creature that combines everything: strength, courage, pride, elegance and kindness.

Babette Horschler captures all this with minimalist strokes, on paper and canvas. Her preferred medium is ink, because ink doesn't forgive. The more abstract the stroke, the more the animal comes alive.


From graceful miniature sketches to large ink drawings with cotton cloth – Babette Horschler’s work is always an homage to the nature of horses.