Buyers Terms & FAQ

Who are the artists that sell through Paard Verzameld Gallery?

Paard Verzameld Gallery works exclusively with artists from the Paard Verzameld Collective, a group of professional equine artists from around the world. 


What is an original or limited edition artwork?

Original artwork is unique and one of a kind, meaning there will be no copy available. Limited edition prints mean there are a fixed number of numbered prints available to collectors and no more will be produced. 


How do I know my purchase is authentic? 

Each work sold by Paard Verzameld Gallery will include a signed Certificate of Authenticity (CoA). This document gives a description of the work, title, size, materials used, date and a signature of the artists who made it.


Will the artwork include the artist's signature?

A signature is completely at the discretion of the artist. So the work can be signed at the back or beneath the piece, or not at all. However, the signature will always be present on the CoA, together with a description of the piece.


Do you ship internationally? 

Yes, we ship internationally using selected global carriers. Please be aware that international orders may be subject to relevant customs duties of the destination country. Customs fees should be paid upon arrival and are in addition to the shipping costs. As customs charges are governmental taxes, we cannot discount or reimburse you for these costs.  

Please note: Some shipping regulations or delays will apply due to to Covid-19.
Please be be advised if your country has regulations concerning international shipments, before you make a purchase. 


I want to know more about shipping costs before I make a purchase

If your country is not an option at checkout, please email us at info@paardverzameld.com or use our shipping quotation form and we will contact our carriers directly to get a shipping quote. Please be aware that the shipping cost depends on size, weight and destination. We will be happy to calculate your costs.


What if I change my mind after purchase?

We give our collectors 14 days to make sure you are completely happy with your purchase. If by any means you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we ask you to get in touch with us directly via info@paardverzameld.com so we can discuss a solution to the problem. I

f you would like to return your purchase, please make sure it is returned in the original packaging and in perfect condition. You will receive a full refund for the artwork within 14 days, minus the cost of shipping both ways and customs costs and ask that you arrange and pay for the return shipment to either our office in the Netherlands or directly to the artist. 

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