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Corry van Hoorn

Equine artist, 
the Netherlands

Dutch equine artist Corry van Hoorn (1963) paints from her beautiful studio at home, a large equestrian centre in the north of Holland, surrounded by luscious green fields.  
'My passion for horses started because my brother started riding. From the moment I got my first pony, I lost my heart to these wonderful animals.  When a friend of a gallery owner showed me a painting of a horse, I thought: "I want to be able to do that". Afterwards I completely devoted myself to pastel drawing and then to painting with oil paint.

In 2008 I started taking art lessons with the Iranian artist Ahmad Haraji. I learned a lot from him and I still do. You are never done with learning. It is a lifelong process.'

In addition to painting portraits, Corry own her own picture frame studio in Groningen. Where she can surround herself with art, herself or that of clients, all day. According to her, the best place to be!