Karen Osborn

Pastel artist,


Australian artist Karen Osborn, is internationally recognised, her work featuring in a myriad of private collections globally. The illustration of two sets of intuitive cards, “the Wisdom of Australian Animals” and “Aromatherapy Insight Cards”, pivoted Karen’s career into the Asian market. Further, her work has featured on a variety of book and magazine covers.
Earning her critical acclaim Karen has been acknowledged for her artistic contributions.
She won the Manhattan Arts International Award in 2003 with her work “Angel of Peace”.
Karen also received a special mention in the 7th Annual Judaea-Christian Art International Exhibition for “Shekinah”. She has twice been a finalist in the prestigious Australian, Shirley Hannon National Portrait Award. Having studied in Italy at the Florence Angel Art Academy, classical techniques remain central to Karen’s work.

Pastel, charcoal and graphite are her preferred mediums. Emanating a compelling energy, many have been drawn to her art, experiencing a deep, emotional connection with the image and message portrayed.

'When I am painting it is the same feeling as when I am with a horse, I am deeply present, and everything else falls away. I am focused on representing the world of the Equine, as these incredible beings are revealing their true sentience and healing abilities as a gift to humanity. I have been blessed with an ability to clearly see the essence of the individual horse and it is a privilege to bring this forward in my art. I have a small herd in my care, and I am humbled by the space they hold for me and the world that they reveal to me.'