Lena Lottsfeldt jpg.jpg
Lena Lottsfeldt

Equine artist
United States 

Swedish artist Lena  Lottsfeldt (1981) created the Polo String series exclusively for this gallery, a captivating, moving and inspiring series about a polo players team of horses.

Lena Lottsfeld: The idea of this collection of paintings came after I became more and more introduced to Polo this year. I wanted to show these ponies, what amazing athletes they are. How important it is that you have a team of the right ponies, to set in at the right time in a game. How even if you are a great player, you still need a good team.

These horses, some bred to be the best through Polo Bloodlines, some Thoroughbreds that were not for the track or just too small for the racing. They often have these beautiful expressive heads, with eyes that show you everything, windosof the souls, and watching them give everything at games.


I wanted to show how all these ponies are Characters. Some of the best are even downright full of attitude, and will bite everything around them if they deem it fitting. These ones are often mares and often full of character, but on the field, they are unbeatable and fierce. Others are as sweet as can, but on the field still fighters like no one else. They are athletes, just as much as the rider on them.


My first experience riding on one chestnut lady, she told me immediately that I was not her boss, I was only allowed to sit on her. It was a ride where I, after these years riding, had to put away my pride and let her show me the ropes, and doing that she gave me a small glimpse of what it is to be allowed to sit on these explosive ambitious individuals.  I just can’t help loving them and the artist in me can’t help but wanting to share these beauties through my paintings.