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 Margot Wilson
Sculptor, UK


Born in Scotland, artist Margot Wilson grew up riding the wooded gorges of the river Avon on her Native Fell pony. Her present work is primarily in porcelain, experimenting with glazes and smoke fired textures. Wilson’s influences include Picasso’s early animal studies, Rodin’s Balzac figures, and Hepworth’s figurative minimalism. The ‘Herd Spirit Collection’ is a series of pared back horse skull groups portraying the gift of community that these generous and loyal creatures bring to humanity. Her work approaches the cavities of the eye sockets as apertures to the soul and aspires to capture the invisible threads of communal belonging. Throughout Wilson’s art and specifically the form of the horse, the perils of climate change are ever present.

Herd Spirit Collection -Brothers.jpeg

Onyx Porcelain: Bisque (1000º) and
Smoke Fired on Concrete Stand

_DSF2400 - Margot Wilson.jpeg

'the Watcher'
Bisque Stoneware Smoke Fired on
Charcoal Stand

_DSF2388 - Margot Wilson.jpeg

Porcelain mounted on charcoal wood,

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