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Marjo Lebbe

Watercolour artist,

Belgian equine watercolour artist Marjo Lebbe (1991) inherited her passion for art from her grandfather who taught her to draw in his own studio as a child and who still inspires her to this day. In 2018, Marjo held an exhibition in Antwerp for the second time, called Lebbe & Lebbe, where she exhibited alongside her grandfather's work.

Driven by an interest in everything that lives, she started to a study veterinary medicine and began to understand horses better. The anatomy of the horse plays an important role in her work, it has to be right.

As a vet, Marjo experiences every day as a challenge to understand and heal these complex and sensitive creatures. Every day, horses continue to inspire her to create a realistic yet abstract image with just a bit of paint and lots of water. Marjo captures her love for horses beautifully in her signature two-tone watercolors made with burned siena and navy blue. It makes her work very recognizable, unique and complete.

Recent exhibitions
2018 ‘Lebbe & Lebbe’, at the Kobbe art center in Antwerp, Belgium.