Maura Leusder

Watercolour artist,

the Netherlands

Maura Leusder (1994) paints horses, amongst other subjects, in watercolor. She was born in Germany and grew up internationally, travelling from continent to continent. She has lived in New Zealand, Thailand, and Germany before coming to the Netherlands to study.
Since her early childhood Maura has been fascinated by animals, and especially horses. She learned to ride at a young age and started drawing them in her schoolbooks. During high school she discovered her passion for the arts, and she graduated her high school diploma with the highest grade achievable in visual arts. Her high school teachers inspired her to develop her talents.

She paints in watercolor because she found this medium to be the most challenging, and it took years of practice and willpower for her to harness its wild nature and gain confidence with it. Her current work emphasizes horses’ soft facial features, varied expressions, and powerful emotions.

Her technique involves painting in many layers that dry between applications. She uses a lot of water and salt to create texture. Maura also films and produces online painting courses in which she teaches her students to apply her watercolor techniques to various subjects, including horses, pets and flowers.