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Our business services provide unique opportunities for collaboration between art and (equestrian) clients. Our services range from organising and curating a horse art exhibition on location to providing art for VIP areas at equestrian events.
We also offer a free consultation to help artists set up solo or group exhibitions or get advice on projects.

Let's talk equine art!


Karen Osborn Art Academy

Karen Osborn, art tutor, Australia


  • To inspire and be inspired! 

  • Expert equine art workshops

  • Conducting online art courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced artists

  • Collectively and beyond 

Beauty in Unity

Ifat Zohar, photographer,  the Netherlands

  • ​Project managing

  • Setting up a crowdfunding campaign, raising 132%

  • Project communication and marketing 

  • Event organising

Know, that it was a challenge I could not take on myself without knowing I have Joyce by my side and I am not just saying that to compliment her, I really mean it and it's the honest truth.

So, the campaign success is her success as much as mine.

I recommend each one of you - if you are considering taking any  challenge in your artistic path, don't walk without knowing you have her by your side!

 Ifat Zohar, the Netherlands

Paard Verzameld | Equine art services
Paard Verzameld | Equine art services

'You could call Joyce Ter Horst the horse whisperer of the 21st century.
As the founder of the equine art platform Paard Verzameld, she has unique knowledge of the area where art meets horses. 

George Stubbs exhibition & seminar
Mauritshuis museum, the Netherlands

Ontwerp zonder titel (7).png
Ontwerp zonder titel (3).png

Living Horse Museum,
Amsterdam, the Netherlands


  • Event concept realisation

  • Exhibition organising and curating 

  • Event PR and marketing

De Paardenkamp, 

Soest, the Netherlands


Exhibitions & Inspiration days

  • Event concept realisation

  • Exhibition and event organising

  • Event PR and marketing

Horse Museum Foundation, 

Paliano, Italy



  • Event concept realisation

  • Exhibition curating

  • Event PR and marketing


Photo: Progeim

Art & Cavallo,
Fieracavalli Verona, Italy

Partner | Jury 


  • Exhibition curating

  • Art judge 

  • Event PR and marketing

Whistlejacket mauristshuis.jpg

Photo: R. vd Kruis

Mauritshuis Museum
The man, the Horse, the Obsession



  • Equine art expert

  • Symposium speaker

  • Event PR and marketing

Bit & Cap magazine

Paard & Kunst, the Netherlands


  • Freelance magazine writer 

Joyce has been an amazing support in coaching to help me come up with the idea for the project in the first place and to help sort through the many questions and decisions along the way.
Jeanne Rewa, USA


It was such a special day. Nice talks, sharing ideas and making art with a great group of people with similar passions. I loved it! Looking forward to next year already. Thank you so much for organizing it!
Sylvána Kranendonk, the Netherlands


Another great coaching session with Joyce today. I like to start my year with a little touchpoint and then do some checkups during the year.  A great way to take stock and explore possibilities.  Thank you Joyce Ter Horst.
Jeannine Flower, France

Photo Kim van Beveren

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