Nikki de Kerf

Fine art photographer,

the Netherlands

'I have been photographing for half my life, I almost can't imagine myself without a camera anymore. Combine this with my other biggest passion, my love for horses, and you can easily see where my work comes from. In playing around with light and shadow, experimenting with angles and composition, I strive to show the viewer all aspects of the horse while developing myself as an artist. 


What I would like to show you is that equine photography should not always have to be only about capturing a horse in the typical way which is often perceived as beautiful.


Letting go of the expectation that a horse's ears should always be forward or that they should look straight into the camera, provides much more of an artistic freedom. It leaves space to truly experience the spirit of the horse. I want to invite the viewer to see the horse as through my eyes and experience their beauty also in different, less common ways. From the little details like the grey hairs in an old horse's coat to acknowledging the wisdom that can be seen in their eyes. Don't just look, but see... and feel.'