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Bit & Paard Verzameld Cover Competition 2021 | Closed


Last year, Dutch artist Cath Driessen's foal shone on the front cover of equestrian magazine Bit. After the success of last years competition, where around 150 artists submitted their best work to feature as the magazine cover, Bit decided to partner up with Paard Verzameld again for a new cover competition! 



One of the highlights of 2020 was without a doubt the Bit & Paard Verzameld Cover Competition, where Bit took a break from the norm and invited artists to create the cover. Art directors and editors often use beautiful photography for their magazine covers but why not think out of the box for a change and look at an illustration, watercolor, a paper collage, an linocut, drawing, painting or even a textile piece to grace the cover!

That's why we are calling all equine artists to create work, based on the theme, fit to shine on the cover of the largest equestrian magazine of the Benelux. Read the terms and conditions below. 

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Cath Driessen, winner 2020

The theme for this competition is

 ‘Horse, passion & fun’


The theme of this competition is ‘Horse, passion & fun’, the magazines motto. What does this theme mean to you, what sort of image or feeling comes to mind? Keep in mind that a magazine cover needs to pop of the shelves at the store, needs to grab your attention and needs to make you want to pick up the magazine and read. Also it needs to be bright, light, portrait format and good quality! Therefor keep the following guidelines in mind. 

  • Keep it light & bright.

  • We are looking for new/ not published work, made on the base of the theme

  • No logos, visible watermarks etc.

  • Deadline is the 21st of May.

  • Submit your work to

  • The file should be max. 2MB.

  • Only good quality photos will be considered. 

  • The size of Bit magazine is 195 x 275mm, portrait format.

  • The Bit logo is at the top left.

  • Photography is excluded from this competition.

  • The winner will be on the cover of Bit magazine edition, published on June 29. 

  • The magazine will also pay attention to the winner in the form of a magazine feature.

  • The winner's original work remains the property of the maker.

  • Click here for all the competition terms 


The competition in the press in the Netherlands & USA, featuring Cath Driessen & Kelly Moore.


The jury consists of  Dorien van Dijk, editor-in-chief of Bit magazine and Joyce Ter Horst, founder and curator of Paard Verzameld Gallery. After submission, your work will be assessed by Joyce Ter Horst.

Please note: No correspondence will take place after your work has been submitted. Ultimately, the jury will choose the final winner after May 21st, 2021. The images of those selected will be published on a special gallery page on the Bit website.


Have fun and good luck!! 

Joyce Ter Horst 


Please note that Paard Verzameld holds the right to refuse particular work on grounds of quality, originality and effort.

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