Pauline Zeij
Pauline Zeij

Contemporary artist,

the Netherlands

Pauline Zeij (1970) has her own art studio in Aalsmeer near Amsterdam, where she is free to experiment and work in peace, along with Lola, her Jack Russell. Her series ‘Dutch Courage’ consists of work combining flower scenes  reminiscent of Dutch Old Masters and Delft blue ceramic colour schemes combined with striking realistic portraits of famous Dutch stallions. With a hint of Pauline's signature neon pink splashes. 

'During my youth I was not really exposed to art as such but I did draw a lot. As a child, I was fascinated by people who showed real raw emotions, whether joy, happiness or sorrow. I was always very original in my approach of subjects, for example, I drew many bridal and funeral scenes! And always a lot of animals.


I start with sketching in my sketchbook when I’m thinking about compositions. I play with the positions and dimensions of the subject, I rescale or blow the image up until I have a good visual that I like. Then I recreate this image on the canvas where there is still room for changes, even at the last minute. Over the years my colour palette has become very recognizable. My first pots of acrylic paint were light green and a dirty blue, these colours are still coming back in my work to this day. I work fast, acrylic paint dries quickly and I have to maximize the time I have.'