Original artwork by Australian pastel artist Karen Osborn

- Pastel on sanded pastel paper
- Signed by the artist
- Certificate of authenticity is provided by the artist
- Measures 26,5cm x 39cm 


Reference photo Averil Crebbin

'This is a painting of my young foal “Secret” who is known for his beautiful quarter horse backside. I often see the tiny birds “ Willy wagtails” perched on said backside. The Paard Verzameld collective was set a challenge with the title “ Juxtaposition” and free reference subject , and I so chose to paint Secret, add a Willy Wagtail, and to incorporate the balancing act of the pebbles into the composition.


Secret has experienced stifle lock in his young life and it has been a mixture of faith that he will grow out of it, and balance that he may require treatment. To me this painting also has some energy of the challenging year 2020, where many of us struggled between faith and balance, at times digging deep into faith for a positive future, and other times seeking a balance that seems elusive and transitory.'


- Karen Osborn

Faith and Balance

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