Original artwork by Australian pastel artist Karen Osborn

- Pastel on sanded pastel paper
- Signed by the artist
- Certificate of authenticity is provided by the artist
- Measures 52cm x 72cm 

- Part of 'The Herd' series


Reference photo Michelle Brown

'The Herd series was inspired by the Australian Snowy Mountain Brumbies, our wild horses. As a child I grew up with the stories of “The Silver Brumby” by author Evelyn Mitchell. Stores of a wild white stallion in the Snowy Mountains of Australia fuelled my imagination and my love of horses. Horses in herds form deep bonds, as do our domestic horses, and I worry the depths of their bonds are not always seen as we move our horses around. I wanted to convey this emotion.


The horse on the left in this painting is known as “ Paleface”, a wild stallion known for his dreadlocked mane, and sadly he is has not been seen in the wild since the devastating Bushfires earlier this year, so this painting serves as a memorial to him.'


- Karen Osborn



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