Original artwork by Australian pastel artist Karen Osborn

- Pastel on sanded pastel paper
- Signed by the artist
- Certificate of authenticity is provided by the artist
- Measures 52cm x 72cm 

- Part of 'The Herd' series


Reference photo Michelle Brown

'The Herd series was inspired by the Australian Snowy Mountain Brumbies, our wild horses. As a child I grew up with the stories of “ the Silver Brumby” by author Evelyn Mitchell. Stores of a wild white stallion in the Snowy Mountains of Australia fuelled my imagination and my love of horses. I love studying the behaviour of horses in herds, and how that translates to our domestic horses, particularly those that have been blessed to experience herd earlier in life and understand the subtlety and nuances that exist in herd life.


It’s always interesting to see who the horses choose as a leader, and what that means. I have often observed horses using another horse as a “block” to approaching danger, and the horse in the lead usually allows this. The horse on the left in this painting is known as “ Paleface”, a wild stallion known for his dreadlocked mane, and sadly he is has not been seen in the wild since the devastating Bushfires earlier this year, so this painting serves as a memorial to him.'


- Karen Osborn 


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