Original artwork by German watercolour artist Maura Leusder

- Watercolour and white ink on Arches paper

- Signed by the artist
- Certificate of authenticity is provided by the artist
- Measures 39cm x 55cm 



'My entry into Bit magazine’s cover competition is another favorite of mine, as it is an accurate and current representation of my style and skill. I used multiple reference pictures to create the composition between the mare and foal. I intended for this piece to convey a sense of new hope, love, and connection. This was partially inspired by the season, as we were just heading into summer, and partially by the current pandemic due to its challenging impact on families and friendships.


I am particularly happy with the warm, rich tones I was able to achieve while still maintaining the classic sense of translucency associated with watercolor. I do this by layering many thin coats of watercolor to build intensity, which can take weeks. The fluffy whiskers and eyelashes help create that look of innocence in the foal, and the mare’s soft gaze and velvety nose were intended to represent her nurturing character.'


- Maura Leusder 

Summer Love

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