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Thank you for visiting my account and your interest in my work.

I was introduced to Paard Verzameld by artist Sabine van de Drift - Delhez.

My name is Inge Stasse and I am from the Rotterdam area, the Netherlands.

I am a lifetime horse lover (well, actually I have a weak spot for pony's) and still notify everyone when I see one while on the road.

I got the textile bug a few years back when I saw textile art by Cas Holmes, Claire Wellesley-Smith, Linda Lammers and Hinke Schreuders (to name a few). I did some courses at Textielfabrique in Rotterdam and two workshops with embroidery artist Tilleke Schwarts. After that I startend to create my own work. I exlusively use used textile, except for the threads.

I hope to grow as an artist in the future now I'm a member of Paard Verzameld.