Join date: Aug 22, 2021


Short introduction of myself: My name is Margriet Talstra, 37 years old and living with my husband and three daughters in Hoorn, the Netherlands. Horses have been my passion from youth, but I never got the chance to own a horse till my 35th: Hatchiko (the horse on my profile photo). Having him was one big adventure. Hathicko was my friend, my coach, my schoolmaster and my child... But unfortunately it turned out I'd bought a 'broken' horse, he was in pain all the time and we had to let him go in march this year...

This experience had a deep impact on me. To process the experience I started to paint horses. Just because they're such amazing animals with such amazing impact on humans. For the first time in my artistic career I had the feeling that I'd found 'my artistic concept'. It gives me so much joy and I would like to share this joy with other people.

I aim to make dynamic artworks mostly of horses in action and 'show' the paint. I started with a black and white series and currently work on a monochrome series. The purpose is to add more and more colours (in the next series). It's a learning by doing project.

Anyhow: Let's try to make the world a bit more beautiful with equine art!