Rocky Hawkins

Contemporary artist
United States

'My paintings are about expressing a visual experience that challenges and communicates with a sense of mystery. By allowing myself to not be afraid of mistakes I can take that necessary risk and journey of self discovery and growth.

The horse has been portrayed in rock and cave art for thousands of years and later regarded as an essential form of transportation and recreation. I have taken this ancient icon and transcended the horse into a modern, colorful & abstract depiction of one of the most enduring and recognizable images in art.


As a painter of fine art, I am in a constant state of challenging myself in technique, subject and mediums.  I start by making gestures with colors and shapes, adding and subtracting abbreviated images and embracing the unpremeditated. At times I use automatism, that is, drawing or painting in the subconscious with no preconceived composition in mind.  I use my innate passion for abstraction with fragmented strokes and color resulting in a glimpse of what might be. My early education in art school and with realist painters has given me the creative ability to weave in partial realism when I feel it works with a particular piece.'

- Rocky Hawkins