Samantha Glinska

Watercolour artist, 

'Painting has always been with me. Since the moment I could hold my first crayon or a paintbrush. I kept piling up tables with my drawings and eventually I decided to study art at a fine arts secondary school in Gdynia-Orlowo', says Samantha Glinska (1972).


My next step was studying industrial design at Fine Arts Academy in Gdansk. Nevertheless, my love for painting prevailed and has become my way of life. For many years I have lived in Tuchola Pinewoods, surrounded by my beloved animals and trees.


Everything that surrounds me is reflected in my art: the pursuit to capture movement and power, searching for that incredible energy of horses… but also nostalgia, quietness and melancholy that I find in landscapes, amazement and reflection. My painting is a contrast. Yin and Yang. The whole me.'


Recent exhibitions

2019 - Following the Footsteps, Bellotto gallery, Warsaw, Poland

2019 - Solo expo Municipal Public Library, Tuchola, Poland

2017 - Solo expo Municipal Public Library, Tuchola, Poland
2017 - Festival of Equestrian Art, Warsaw, Poland
2016 - III Festival of Equestrian Art, Warsaw, Poland