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Paard Verzameld artist Signe Sanne Oortgijsen
Signe-Sanne Oortgijsen

Illustrator, the Netherlands

Artist and equestrian Signe-Sanne Oortgijsen (1974) divides her time between being with horses and creating illustrations, costumes and videos. Her style is unique and imaginative. With a muted palette and bursts of unexpected patterns she creates a storyline to be discovered in each artwork.

'Stop daydreaming, pay attention, fairytales aren't real. This is what I was told as a young girl by teachers, but not by my parents. They said: You can be what you want to be, go on an adventure and eat your vegetables. And I listened to them for the most part. I followed my dreams, went to art school, tried not to grow up too much...'

Paard Verzameld artist Signe Sanne Oortgijsen

'Turning'  (2021)

 Mixed media on watercolour paper, 42cm x 29.7cm 


Paard Verzameld artist Signe Sanne Oortgijsen

'the Fool on the Hill' (2022)

 Mixed media on watercolour paper, 23.5cm x 32.5cm 


f you are interested in the work of Signe-Sanne Oortgijsen or have any questions about availability and price, please contact us via the contact form or email. We will be happy to advise you

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