Sofia Eberhard

Sculptor & mixed media artist, Sweden

Sofia Eberhard (1972) grew up in a midsize town in Sweden. ‘I always had a big interest in nature and animals of all kinds. Now I live in the countryside with the wildlife outside my windows. I got introduced to art by my grandmother at an early age and have always been drawing and painting. Mostly horses but always animals.

I have a big passion for horses that started when I was really young. I'm fascinated by how athletic they are. Strong and fragile at the same time. And so soulful and trusting. To me they are perfect. 

I started sculpting a few years ago. Something I had never done before but instant felt it was an expression that suited me. I mostly create in papier-mache but am curious to try other ways to do art. 

I get my inspiration from horses I have owned, worked with or maybe just passed by in their paddock. Other artists also inspire me a lot.’