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Storytellers exhibition

Equine stories in art 
20 | 21 August 2022 | De Paardenkamp, Soest, the Netherlands 

Each horse has a story to tell​

This summer, De Paardenkamp and Paard Verzameld are jointly holding a unique art exhibition devoted entirely to horses in art. The farms of De Paardenkamp form the backdrop for this international horse art manifestation, the first of its kind.

Never before in the Netherlands have so many artists with a passion for horses come together at such a beautiful, peaceful location in the midst of nature. Artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France will take you into their world of horse art. 

Through the eyes of the artists, residents of De Paardenkamp will tell their story. They play the leading role: intriguing, moving, fantastic or subdued. The art exhibition is not called 'Storytellers' for nothing. Through the work and meetings with the artists, you will learn more about these special horses and their stories.

No fewer than 25 international artists will be coming together for this unique, two-day event. A walking route across the farmyard of both Gagelgat and Vosseveld connects the exhibited works, which include paintings, watercolours, drawings and bronze sculptures.

Come and listen to our storytellers and discover the stories for yourself!

Verhalenvertellers | Storytellers

Paardenverhalen in de kunst | Equine stories in art 

Marlynn van Alphen | contemporary artist | the Netherlands 

Sjoerd Blokker | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Kim van Dijk | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Anna Dobrowolska | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Jeannine Flower | contemporary artist | France

Bénédicte Gelé | contemporary artist | France

Ellen van der Giessen | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Deirdre Hekking | contemporary artist & sculptor | the Netherlands

Daisyree IJben | pastel artist | the Netherlands

Nikki de Kerf | equine photographer | the Netherlands

Remco van der Kruis | photographer | the Netherlands

Marjo Lebbe | watercolour artist | Belgium

Myrthe van der Meer | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Desiree Meijer | equine photographer | the Netherlands

Eveline Menke | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Yvonne Piller | sculptor | the Netherlands

Ellen Pitlo | equine photographer | the Netherlands

Malou Ploeg | equine photographer | the Netherlands

Ursula Stüwe-Schmitz | contemporary artist | Germany

Sanne Swarts | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Margriet Talstra | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Sanne ten Thij | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Mirelle Vegers | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Tineke van der Velde | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Suzanne Vellema | conceptual artist | the Netherlands

Pauline Zeij | contemporary artist | the Netherlands

Verhalenvertellers | Storytellers exhibition

Paardenverhalen in de kunst | Equine stories in art 
20 | 21 Augustus 2022 | St. De Paardenkamp, Soest, the Netherlands


Boerderij / Farm  Vosseveld , Birkstraat 96, 3768 HL Soest

Boerderij / Farm Het Gagelgat, Birkstraat 107, 3768 HD Soest

There is plenty of free parking space on our parking meadow (opposite Het Gagelgat, about 200 metres walk from Boerderij Vosseveld). On the spot, follow the signs P - Paardenkamp / Gagelgat. Parking on the locations themselves is not possible. 

How to get there
Farm Vosseveld is located in Soest on Birkstraat 96, the main road from Soest to Amersfoort (N221). Farm Het Gagelgat and Theehuis Het Oude Paard are located on the other side of Farm Vosseveld, on Birkstraat 107 and Birkstraat 109.

The NS-station Soest- Zuid is at 10 minutes walking distance. Bus 70, NS station Amersfoort - Soest Zuid - Hilversum v.v. stops in front of the door (stop Birkstraat / Van Lenneplaan / Paardenkamp).

Full route description. 

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