Susan McClafferty

Fine art photographer,
Canada | USA

My Colorful Coats Collection was born from the Covid pandemic. Isolated at home on the farm with my horses I set up a photography studio at one end of the barn and my own horses were my subjects. For the love of a carrot or a peppermint, my steeds twisted and turned their bodies and showed me a delightful variety of poses and facial expressions consistent with their personalities.


I found I could transform my dearest aging mare into a youthful beauty with just the right angles and the careful play of shadow and light or I could lay down
a combination of vibrant colourful light and create a modern, artistic aesthetic that really appealed to me. 


The light can be soft or hard, subtle or iridescent and depending on where and how it caresses the elegant lines of the equine body it can shape the horse you see. I love colour. Usually bold, in your face, colours and odd colour combinations… pushing and sometimes stepping right over the boundaries of colour theory. Its Avant Garde fashion! Its pop art!
And yet its timeless! 


Everything is an experiment in my work. I don’t go back to replicate; I push forward with new colours, new concepts empowered by technology. I hope you enjoy!

Susan McClafferty