Tineke van der Velde_edited_edited.jpg
Tineke van der Velde

Contemporary artist,

the Netherlands

Artist Tineke van der Velde (1979) works from her own studio, surrounded by nature. With her favorite music by Queen playing in the background, she paints her chosen subject, the horse, from foal to fully grown, true to life but also mythical and fairytale like.


'I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember and was always really interested in art. At school I had a very passionate teacher and that enthusiasm rubbed off on me I think. In addition to art history lessons we also received drawing lessons studying still lifes and models. For me the real fun began when we finally got started with self-chosen themes and subjects.'

'As a child, I imagined the mythical winged horse Pegasus. I made many Pegasus drawings, searched for pictures and loved the My Little Pony’s with wings. What I also really wondered was: what would a Pegasus foal look like? Does it get into the world with or without wings? And if they were present at birth, would they be “ready-made” wings or those strange shaped appendages like a newborn chick?'