Victoria Scotti

Graphite artist,


Victoria Scotti (1978) is a contemporary Estonian-born artist now living with her family in Valencia, Spain. Besides being a gifted artist Victoria is an art therapist (PhD), independent arts-based researcher and a lecturer.


 'I specialize in realistic equine art in graphite and colored pencils. My classic black and white drawings are timeless pieces of beautiful horses that will bring joy to your home for years to come. These drawings take a long time to complete to look natural and realistic, however, the most important aspect in creating the drawings is to transmit the horse's emotions through their eyes and posture.'

Can you describe your process,  how long does your process usually take?

VS: I draw both from life and from the photos, they are such different processes. The horse drawings, specifically, I draw from photos. I find that a good reference photo is very important, and I prefer to take my own reference photos whenever possible. My process is slow. I work very methodically and in great detail. I start out my outlining a sketch, then proceed to building layers and creating texture. It´s a slow process and it usually takes me a week to finish a smallish drawing, two weeks for a larger one. Sometimes people wonder how I have the patience but making tiny pencil marks on paper over and over is actually very meditative.

You can read our interview with Victoria Scotti, published in 2017, by clicking here.