Paard Verzameld Collective was founded in 2016 to connect and bring together equine artists all over the world. An art collective for professional and semi professional equine artists, who want to inspire and be inspired. An artistic hub to nurture creative thoughts and let go of the rules that apply. 


Around 100+ featured equine artists from around the world are joined together in the Paard Verzameld Collective. Whether you work as a fine artist, an illustrator, a photographer, a ceramist or potter, a sculptor, a printmaker, a digital artist or in mixed media, we all have the same common goal, to be inspired and to grow!

'Inspiring, innovative & independent'

As a member you start with a trial period of a month  to see if we are a good match. After this you have the opportunity to become a patron member of the Collective. 

PV col 2.jpeg
PV Col 1.jpeg

Inspiration Day 2019
Moreau stables, the Netherlands

Teylers museum 2019
Da Vinci exhibition, the Netherlands

Patron membership includes 

  • Monthly art challenges.

  • Inspiration days on location.

  • Online masterclasses in small groups.

  • Meetups and online video sessions with fellow members.

  • Collective museums visits.

  • Cost € 5.99 pm

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Inspiration Day 2021
De Paardenkamp, the Netherlands

Mauritshuis museum 2019
George Stubbs exhibition, the Netherlands

How to apply
Are you an active artist, wanting to progress, learn and professionalize your art and you are interested in joining our exclusive collective?  Then please click here to apply.
 Or visit our private Facebook group, 'Paard Verzameld Collective' and fill in our application form.

Please note that Paard Verzameld holds the right to refuse particular work or artist on grounds of quality, originality and effort and will not accept plagiarism or breach of copyright.