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Muze, Suzanne Vellema

Our Art Services

'Muze', Suzanne Vellema

At Paard Verzameld, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding services to equine artists, art collectors, and partners in the equine and art industry. With our expertise and vast network, we strive to provide unparalleled benefits and opportunities for all our clients.


Explore our comprehensive range of equine art services and discover how Paard Verzameld can assist you in achieving your equine art goals and fostering meaningful connections within the equine art community.

Paard Verzameld Collective & community

Artist Services

Looking to boost your career as an equine artist? Look no further than Paard Verzameld. By joining our equine artist collective, you will become part of a unique and pioneering community that offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities.

Our Artist Services include:

Equine Artist Collective Membership

  • Join our vibrant community of equine artists and gain access to exclusive networking opportunities,
    collaborations, and industry insights.


Personalised Coaching and Promotion

  • Receive personalised guidance from our team of experts who will assist you in
    developing your artistic practice, optimising your online presence, and advancing your career.


Exhibition Opportunities

  • Showcase your artwork in our dedicated exhibition spaces, both virtual and physical,
    allowing you to connect with collectors, art enthusiasts, and industry professionals.

Educational Workshops and Masterclasses

  • Expand your artistic skills and knowledge through our specialised
    workshops and masterclasses conducted by renowned equine artists and experts.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Exhibition curating and event organising

Through our network of artists, collectors, and industry professionals, we have developed a rich and diverse portfolio of creative projects, exhibitions, and community initiatives. Our collaborations have been both local and international, ensuring that our partners gain exposure to a wide and engaged audience across the globe.


Partner with us to create unforgettable experiences that celebrate the beauty of equine art and connect with art enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

We can assist you with:

Curated Art Collections

  • Enrich your space with carefully curated collections of equine art
    that resonate with your vision and brand.

Art Exhibitions and Events

  • Create captivating exhibitions and memorable events that engage your
    audience and inspire a deeper appreciation for equine art.

VIP Experiences

  • Treat your clients and guests to exclusive VIP experiences, including private viewings,
    artist meet-and-greets, and tailored art presentations.


Creative Collaborations

  • Collaborate with our artists and creative team to develop unique and
    compelling projects that blend your brand with the beauty of equine art.


I've yet to come across another collective for equine artists like it. There is such a wide variety of knowledge and experience,and everyone is supportive and encouraging! 

Emily Shank, 

Patron artist, USA

You could call Joyce Ter Horst the horse whisperer of the 21st century. As the founder of the equine art platform Paard Verzameld, she has unique knowledge of the area where art meets horses.

Mauritshuis museum,
the Netherlands

These masterclasses are such an amazing resource, especially for us artists who find we can be marginalized in other art classes for focusing on horses all the time. Paard Verzameld GETS us and supports our visions.

Jeanne Rewa,
Patron artist, USA

Contact us

Joyce Ter Horst

Equine art curator

+31 (0) 6 15 90 52 68

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