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Our services

At Paard Verzameld, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding services to artists, collectors, and partners/collaborators. Through our expertise and vast network in the equine art industry, we strive to provide unparalleled benefits and opportunities for all our clients. 

Explore our services further to discover how Paard Verzameld can assist you in achieving your equine art goals and fostering meaningful connections within the equine art community.

At Paard Verzameld, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional collaboration opportunities to our clients. Our unique expertise,

experience, and knowledge of the equine art market sets us apart, ensuring that we bring value to any partnership we form.

Our team comprises professionals with deep experience in the equine art industry.
We are recognised experts in equine art curation, facilitation of collaborative projects, and development of tailored artist representation plans. By collaborating with us, you gain access to a team that has a proven track record of delivering results and success in the industry.

Dutch Equine Art Fair

For partners

Creative partnerships & collaborations

Through our network of artists, collectors, and industry professionals, we have been able to develop a rich and diverse portfolio of creative projects, exhibitions, and community initiatives. Our collaborations have been both local and international, ensuring that our partners gain exposure to a wide and engaged audience across the globe.We tailor our collaborations to align with our partner's goals, interests, and vision, ensuring that we deliver unique and value-added outcomes. We work with our partners to conceptualise and implement creative projects, including art exhibitions, curated art collections, and artistic workshops.

To see our previous and current collaborators, visit our Partnership page.
You'll find a thorough list of the individuals and organisations we have had the
privilege to work with. Explore the page to discover the exciting collaborations we've undertaken.

  • Collaborative projects

  • Brand exposure

  • Access to the equine art community

  • Networking opportunities

  • Customised partnerships

'You could call Joyce Ter Horst the horse whisperer of the 21st century.As the founder of the equine art platform

Paard Verzameld, she has unique knowledge of the area where art meets horses. 

Mauritshuis museum, the Netherlands

George Stubbs exhibition & seminar

For artists 

Paard Verzameld Collective

Looking to boost your career as an equine artist? Look no further than Paard Verzameld. By joining our equine artist collective, you will become part of a unique and pioneering community that offers a multitude of benefits and opportunities.

As a member of Paard Verzameld's equine artist collective, you will gain access to a platform that provides unparalleled visibility and exposure for your artwork. Our active representation ensures that your talent is showcased to a wide audience, increasing your chances of being discovered by art enthusiasts, collectors, and industry professionals.

  • Artist community membership

  • Coaching and promotion 

  • Networking opportunities 

  • Exhibitions to showcase your work

  • Masterclasses and workshops

For collectors 

Art agency

​Paard Verzameld offers art collectors unparalleled access to a curated selection of high-quality equine artwork. We work with some of the most talented and sought-after equine artists globally, providing collectors with an extensive library of exquisite artwork to choose from.


Paard Verzameld provides professional art advisory services, guiding collectors in their search for artwork that matches their preferences, taste, and financial plan. Through browsing a carefully selected collection of equine artwork presented by talented artists represented by Paard Verzameld, collectors may choose from a range of options.

Our platform delivers valuable information and insights regarding the equine art market, contributing to the informed decision-making of collectors when purchasing artwork. Additionally, collectors may connect directly with featured artists to gain a more profound comprehension of their artwork and the stories they depict.

  • Access to high-quality artwork

  • Art advisory services 

  • Exclusive opportunities 

  • Information and insights

  • Connection with artists

Paard Verzameld Agency
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