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Recent and Upcoming Events

Our commitment to fostering artistic talent and promoting cultural exchange is reflected in our curated selection of upcoming projects. Discover the excitement surrounding our future exhibitions and events, where emerging and established artists showcase their innovative works, pushing boundaries and challenging conventions.

Dutch Equine Art Fair 2024
10-13 August 

De Hollandsche Manege, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

Building on the resounding success of the inaugural event, the second edition of the Dutch Equine Art Fair is set to take place in the summer of 2024. This highly anticipated event will once again be held at the prestigious de Hollandsche Manege, located in the heart of Amsterdam.

The second Dutch Equine Art Fair aims to continue its mission of showcasing exceptional talent in the field of equine art. Artists from around the world will gather to display their captivating works, celebrating the beauty and grace of horses through their artistry.

In addition to the stunning artworks on display, the event will also provide an excellent networking opportunity for artists, collectors, and enthusiasts alike.

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Dutch Equine Art Fair 2024

Van Muze tot Meesterwerk  2024

29-30 June 

De Paardenkamp, Soest, the Netherlands 

Continuing our successful partnership with De Paardenkamp, this exhibition will present a curated collection of equine art that showcases the unique bond between artists and horses. Witness remarkable artistic expressions inspired by the horses at De Paardenkamp, as each artwork unfolds into a masterpiece. Join us in celebrating the artistry and majesty of horses, and support De Paardenkamp's mission of providing a safe haven for these magnificent animals.

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Exhibition De Paardenkamp, photo by Remco van der Kruis

Thelwell's Pony Parade 2023 / 2024
Living Horse Museum, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

We are proud to have been involved in curating and organising the centenary exhibition focused on British illustrator Norman Thelwell. 35 curated works, selected in collaboration with the Living Horse Museum and David Thelwell, the artist's son, provided a brilliant overview spread out over two museum rooms. The exhibition also included additional information on Thelwell's life, accompanied by a number of personal sketchbooks and art materials.

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Thelwell exhibition 2023 at the Living Horse Museum, Amsterdam

Dutch Equine Art Fair 2023
De Hollandsche Manege, Amsterdam, the Netherlands 

We are proud to have organised and curated the first-ever equine art fair exclusively focused on equine art. Transformed from a riding arena, 22 equine artists from all around the world displayed their art. Visitors had four full days to engage in in-depth, one on one experiences with the artists, making the event a memorable success.


Following the success of the first Dutch Equine Art Fair in Amsterdam, we are excited to bring you the second edition of this unique event in 2024!


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Paard Verzameld partnership

Beauty in Unity 2023

De Blauwe Reiger, Almere, the Netherlands


We partnered with photographer Ifat Zohar for her art project, "Beauty in Unity," a high-quality coffee table book that beautifully portrays the profound bond between horses and humans. Working closely together, we embarked on a creative journey that included meticulous brainstorming, innovative concept crowdfunding, and strategic social media marketing. 

Our collective efforts transformed her vision into a stunning photo art book. This culmination was showcased through an exhibition and book presentation during the Dutch Equine Art Fair in Amsterdam 

Beauty in Unity, book by Ifat Zohar

Nobel 2023

De Paardenkamp, Soest, the Netherlands 


We successfully held the Nobel exhibition in 2023, in collaboration with De Paardenkamp. This collection of equine art showcased the magnificence and grandeur of horses. Visitors were mesmerised by the stunning artworks that captured the essence of these noble creatures. By attending the Nobel exhibition, attendees not only supported the mission of De Paardenkamp in providing sanctuary for elderly horses but also became part of an artistic and cultural movement that celebrated equine beauty and grace.

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Storytellers exhibition at de Paardenkamp, photo by Nikki de Kerf

Love At First Sight 2022

Horse Museum Foundation, Pratoni, Italy

Through our partnership with the Horse Museum Foundation, we curated an exhibition that showcased the impact of horses on children in particular. During the exhibition, visitors were asked in an interview setting, When did you first fall in love? with horses?

This collaboration captivated audiences and highlighted the enduring legacy of horses in art and culture. The exhibition was held on site at the FEI World championships in Pratoni del Vivaro, near Rome over a period of two weeks. 

Paard Verzameld partnership

Storytellers 2022

De Paardenkamp, Soest, the Netherlands 

This exhibition presented a collection of international artworks that celebrated the spirit of the residents of De Paardenkamp. Visitors were able to immerse themselves in the unique personalities and stories of the horses residing at De Paardenkamp, as each artwork beautifully portrayed their individual journeys. The Storytellers exhibition embraced the power of storytelling through art, paying homage to these remarkable residents.

Storytellers exhibition, photo by Remco van der Kruis

Art & Cavallo 2021
Fieracavalli, Verona, Italy

By combining the passion of equestrian sport with the creativity of equine art, our collaboration with Fieracavalli enriched the vibrant equestrian community.  T
his international exhibition Art & Cavallo provided a platform for artists during the famous Fieracavalli in Verona, reaching  a large audience of equestrians, collectors, and art enthusiasts, and fostering a greater appreciation for equine art and its connection to the equestrian world.

Paard Verzameld partnership

George Stubbs, the Man, the Horse, the Obsession 2021
Mauritshuis Museum, the Hague, the Netherlands

I cherished the opportunity to contribute to an exhibition that celebrated the intersection of art and equestrianism. Witnessing Whistlejacket and other iconic works by Stubbs up close was an unforgettable experience. Sharing my knowledge and passion with others through the Stubbs Talk seminar was undeniably a highlight moment in my career. The hope of myself, alongside the entire team involved, was that this ground-breaking exhibition would inspire a new generation of equine art enthusiasts and foster a broader recognition of the remarkable artistic contributions made by George Stubbs and other equine artists.

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Paard Verzameld partnership

Sladami Podkow
International contemporary equine art exhibition
In partnership with Bellotto Gallery, Warsaw, Poland

Paard Verzameld Collective
International contemporary equine art exhibition

Kasteel de Keukenhof, Lisse, the Netherlands



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