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Dutch Equine Art Fair 2023

The Dutch Equine Art Fair 2023
in partnership with the Living Horse museum

The Dutch Equine Art Fair, held from 12-15 August at De Hollandsche Manege in the heart of Amsterdam, was a remarkable event that brought together artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to celebrate the beauty of equine art. With conversations filling the air and the warm sunshine adding a golden touch to the artworks, this art fair was a truly unforgettable experience.

Four Days of Inspiration and Excitement

From the moment visitors entered the art fair, they were greeted by a vibrant atmosphere filled with passion and creativity. Artists, collectors, and enthusiasts engaged in lively discussions about the art and their shared love for horses. The energy was palpable, creating an environment that inspired and uplifted everyone present. As the days progressed, the stunning artworks on display mesmerized visitors. The combination of skill and artistic vision captured the beauty, grace, and spirit of horses in a breathtaking way. Each piece seemed to come alive, inviting the viewers to immerse themselves in the world of equine art.

Dutch Equine Art Fair 2023
Dutch Equine Art Fair 2023

Work by Mirelle Vegers, Nannie van Berkel and Sjoerd Blokker 

Highlight: Ellen Pitlo's Book Talk

One of the highlights of the Dutch Equine Art Fair was Ellen Pitlo's book talk on the human-horse relationship. Pitlo's insights and deep understanding of the bond between humans and horses, an d in particular her own mare Cheyenne, resonated with the audience. It was a truly enlightening and thought-provoking experience that added an extra layer of appreciation to the art on display.

Beauty in Unity: Ifat Zohar's Presentation

In addition to Ellen Pitlo's book talk, Ifat Zohar's presentation of the photo book 'Beauty in Unity' in the historic stables was yet another great success. The stunning photography, combined with Ifat's explanations, captured the essence of the human-horse relationship in a beautiful and unique way. The presentation created a space for visitors to reflect on their own experiences with horses and connect with each other in a meaningful way, bringing people together. 

A Shared Love for Equine Art

Throughout the fair, it was evident that the love for equine art united all the participants. Artists, collectors, and enthusiasts came from different backgrounds but shared a common passion for horses. It was heartwarming to witness the connections made and the conversations shared among people who understood and appreciated the art form deeply.

Gratitude and Acknowledgment

The success of the first Dutch Equine Art Fair was made possible by the talent and dedication of the twenty-two artists from six different countries. Their trust in the vision of the organisers and their participation in this event made it truly extraordinary. 

Dutch Equine Art Fair 2024

We would like to thank the artists, the visitors, the collectors ans all who took an interest in this unique event, and we  hope to see you all again next year! 

The Dutch Equine Art Fair is a partnership between the Living Horsemuseum and Paard Verzameld equine art services.

Exhibiting artists 2023

Didi Arias | Mixed media | Spain

Sjoerd Blokker | Acrylic | the Netherlands

Jeannine Flower | Oil | France

Benedicte Gele | Mixed media | France

Deirdre Hekking | Bronze | the Netherlands

Rebecca Holcombe | Oils | England

Fefa Koroleva | Mixed media | Russia

Sylvana Kranendonk | Photography | the Netherlands

Jana Kunzler | Mixed media | Switzerland

Marjo Lebbe | Watercolour | Belgium

Desiree Meijer | Photography | the Netherlands

Malou Ploeg | Photography | the Netherlands 

Tammy Walters | Acrylic | England

Signe-Sanne Oortgijsen | Mixed media | the Netherlands

Ellen Pitlo | Photography | the Netherlands

Nannie van Berkel | Photography | the Netherlands

Corry van Hoorn | Oil | the Netherlands

Myrthe van der Meer | Mixed media | the Netherlands

Mirelle Vegers | Oil | the Netherlands

Suzanne Vellema | Conceptual | the Netherlands

Pauline Zeij | Acrylic | the Netherlands

Ifat Zohar | Photography | Israel

Dutch Equine Art Fair 2023
Dutch Equine Art Fair 2023
Dutch Equine Art Fair 2023

Overview of the fair, work by Deirdre Hekking and Ifat Zohar (photo by Nungka)

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