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Clients & Partners

At Paard Verzameld, we are dedicated to bringing together the equestrian world and the art world. Our goal is to create perfect events that are tailored to your needs and vision. Our team of experts will guide you every step of the way. With over eight years of experience, we have established strong and long-lasting partnerships. This makes us the preferred choice for partnership opportunities. Our services include curating, promoting, and marketing exhibitions, art book projects, collective and solo artist exhibitions and more.

Meet some of our partners.

De Hollandsche Manege
Living Horse Museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands 
De  Paardenkamp Soest, the Netherlands 
Mauritshuis Museum the Hague, the Netherlands 
Ifat Zohar Alm,ere , the Netherlands 
Fieracavalli Verona, Italy
Horse Museum Foundation  Rome, Italy
Karen Osborn Art Academy, Australia

Karen Osborn
Art Academy, Australia


What Our Clients Say

In Joyce I have finally found a great art & business coach. With her help I have made big steps in my career as a professional equine artist. Her understanding of (equine) art and the art business is unparalleled.


She upholds the high standards and quality I am looking for. She inspires me, encourages me and her hands on approach with practical solutions take my art business to the next level. Looking forward to the future together with Paard Verzameld.

Mirelle Vegers 

Fine art artist,  the Netherlands 

My crowdfunding campaign for 'Beauty in Unity' was a challenge I could not take on myself without knowing I have Joyce by my side and I am not just saying that to compliment her, I really mean it and it's the honest truth. So, my campaign success is HER success as much as mine. I recommend each one of you - if you are considering taking any challenge in your artistic path, don't walk without knowing you have her by your side!

Ifat Zohar,

Photographer, the Netherlands

You could call Joyce Ter Horst the horse whisperer of the 21st century. As the founder of the equine art platform Paard Verzameld, she has unique knowledge of the area where art meets horses.

Mauritshuis museum,
the Hague, the Netherlands

The Paard Verzameld masterclasses are such an amazing resource, especially for us artists who find we can be marginalized in other art classes for focusing on horses all the time. Paard Verzameld GETS us and supports our visions.

Jeanne Rewa,
Mixed media artist, USA

In the past two years, joining the collective could provide me a place and circumstance for what I desired, which was to progress as an equine and equestrian artist.

I was being coached by Joyce Ter Horst equine art curator and founder of Paard Verzameld during the past year and a half. I am honoured for this and am grateful for her insights and her expertise in equine and equestrian art.

Elnaz Delnava,

Fine art artist, Iran

I've yet to come across another collective for equine artists like it. There is such a wide variety of knowledge and experience, and everyone is supportive and encouraging! 

Emily Shank, 

Artist, USA

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