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Paard Verzameld at the Maurtitshuis museum, the Hague, the Netherlands
Paard Verzameld at the Maurtitshuis museum, the Hague, the Netherlands

'Stubbs Talk', seminar on George Stubbs at the Mauritshuis museum

Photo: Mauritshuis museum, the Netherlands

Our story

Joyce Ter Horst is the founder and art curator of Paard Verzameld, a company specialising in equine art services in the Amsterdam area, the Netherlands. Since its establishment in 2016, Paard Verzameld has emerged as a leading international company catering to various needs in the field of equine art. We provide personalised services to each client, connecting equine artists and art enthusiasts through our platform.

With Joyce Ter Horst's profound passion for horses and her academic and professional background in art, Paard Verzameld offers a space where individuals with a shared appreciation for equine art can connect, collaborate, and seek inspiration. Our aim is to promote and celebrate the beauty and artistic expression of horses in various artistic forms.

Paard Verzameld offers a wide range of services, including curating and organising equine art exhibitions and events on an international scale. We also provide creative business solutions tailored to the equine art sector and facilitate collaborations and partnerships with museums and other art institutions.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in exploring the inspiring  world of equine art.

Paard Verzameld  | Equine art services
Amsterdam area, the Netherlands

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