Paard Verzameld Collective

Paard Verzameld Collective was founded in 2016 to connect and bring together equine artists all over the world. An art collective for professional and semi professional equine artists, who want to inspire and be inspired. 

Around 140+ featured equine artists from around the world are joined together in the Paard Verzameld Collective. Whether you work as a fine artist, an illustrator, a photographer, a ceramist or potter, a sculptor, a printmaker, a digital artist or in mixed media, we all have the same common goal, to be inspired and to grow!

'Connecting, guiding & inspiring'
As a member you start with a free trial period of two weeks  to see if we are a good match. You also get assigned a buddy, to help you on your way. After passing trial, we require you to become a patron member.  Please read below what that entails. 

'Being part of the collective and being a patron member is such a great privilege for me. I feel like I have achieved a milestone in my art career for having successfully being admitted to the collective. The collective has contributed greatly to my growth as an artist over the last few years 
The challenges do just that, challenge me to grow, explore new techniques and attempt things I would not necessarily on my own.
All of this with professional encouragement, support and mentoring.'
It doesn’t get any better!

Karen Osborn, artist, Australia

IMG_5874 (1).jpeg

Join the collective and level up your art game

Our patrons equine artists

  • Do not need to have academic art training, but do have a good understanding of the basic principles. 

  • Have a professional attitude and are open to developing their talents further 

  • Have an interest in (equine) art and art history

  • Do not shy away from creative challenges and who want to be inspired

What are the benefits of joining our collective?

  • Acces to a comminity of equine artists

  • Participation in international equine art exhibitions 

  • Monthly online art foundation courses 

  • Monthly online masterclasses

  • Monthly themed art challenges

  • Inspiration days on location

  • Creative artist coaching available to patron members

  • Collaborations with third parties 

  • Collective museums visits

Did you know we provide our own art education program for our patrons, with monthly foundation courses and specialist masterclasses?

Become a patron member for €5.99 a month

How to apply?

Paard Verzameld Collective is not a dormant Facebook group, but an active collective. We therefore expect a certain level of effort and commitment. To apply, send your information to for the attention of Joyce Ter Horst or go directly to our private Facebook group to fill out our application. 

'As a one man wolf pack, I enjoy the comradery between everyone here. I think many of us work alone, for sanity & the safety of others too lol, so having somewhere to vent, share ideas & even have a laugh is cool.'

Tony O' Connor, artist, Ireland

It's so beautiful to see different artists help each other grow and work together on the same challenge. There is a place for everyone because art is free and love for horses is wide. I finally feel like a part of something bigger in this equine art world.'

Marjo Lebbe, artist, Belgium

Please note
Paard Verzameld holds the right to refuse artist on grounds of quality, originality and effort and will not accept plagiarism or breach of copyright.