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Paard Verzameld Collective

Equine art community
Paard Verzameld Collective was founded in 2016 to connect and bring together equine artists all over the world. An art collective for professional and semi professional equine artists, who want to inspire and be inspired!

Equine artists from around the world are joined together in the Paard Verzameld Collective, working on the same goal, to inspire.and to grow! Members start with a free trial period of two weeks  to see if we are a good match. You also get assigned
a buddy, to help you on your way. After the trial period, you become a full member.

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What are the benefits of joining our collective

What do we look for in our artists?

  • Acces to a community of equine artists,

  • Participation in international equine art exhibitions,

  • Online art foundation courses and masterclasses by professional art tutors,

  • Monthly themed art challenges,

  • Inspiration days on location,

  • Creative artist coaching available to patron members,

  • Collaborations with third parties,

  • Collective museums visits

    and more!


  • You do not need to have academic art training,but you do have a good​understanding of the basic art principles and techniques.

  • You have a professional attitude and want to develope your talent(s) further.

  • You have a keen interest in (equine) art and art history.

  • You inspire and want to be inspired!

As a one man wolf pack,
I enjoy the comradery between everyone here.
I think many of us work alone, so having somewhere to vent, share ideas & even have a laugh is cool.

Tony O'Connor,

This safe work space of the Collective is a great source of inspiration, advancement and support. The services are all-encompasing and the ethic of working as a group brings mutual benefits. 

Didi Arias,

My favorite part of PV is the sense of community when you are feeling unsure or need inspiration! So many people that are willing to help and think along.
And the meetups!

Maura Leusder,
the Netherlands

I've yet to come across another collective for equine artists like it. There is such
a wide variety of knowledge and experience,
and everyone is supportive and encouraging! 

Emily Shank,


How do I apply?

If you are looking for a supportive community of like-minded spirits,then join our collective today!

Become a full member member for just €5.99 a month. Payable by credit card or PayPal. 

To apply, upload your information, website or social media details and two examples of your work using the application form.

Please remember, Paard Verzameld Collective expects a certain level of professionalism 
and holds the right to refuse artist on
grounds of quality, originality and effort and will not accept plagiarism or breach of copyright.

Terms & conditions

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Collective application form 

Sample work
Sample work

Thanks for submitting!

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