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Our Services

At Paard Verzameld, we comprehend the challenges and aspirations of artists and entrepreneurs within the art industry.

Our comprehensive services cater to the diverse facets of equine art, including managing creative collaborations and organising captivating art events.

Explore the three C's of Paard Verzameld; Curate, Coordinate, Collaborate!

Thelwell exhibition at the Living Horse Museum, Amsterdam
Fiera Cavalli Partnership, photo by Proheim
Ifat Zohar 'Beauty in Unity'

Professional Art Curation Services

Coordination and Organisation

Creative Collaborations

Selecting art that inspires an event

  • Equine art curation

  • Compelling storytelling

  • Selective piece curation

  • Engaging display design

  • Efficient curation management

Seamless event organisation

  • Effortless event planning

  • Logistics management

  • Artist-collector collaboration

  • Streamlined organisation process

  • Maximised project impact

Inspiring partnerships

  • Strategic partnerships

  • Brand enhancement

  • Expanded network

  • Art industry impact

  • Creative opportunities

You could call Joyce Ter Horst the horse whisperer of the 21st century.
As the founder of the equine art platform Paard Verzameld,
she has unique knowledge of the area where art meets horses.

Stubbs Talk, Mauritshuis museum,
the Hague, the Netherlands

Mauritshuis museum Stubbs Talk

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Beauty in Unity, Ifat Zohar, 2023

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