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At Paard Verzameld, we comprehend the challenges and aspirations of artists and entrepreneurs within the art industry.

Our comprehensive services cater to the diverse facets of equine art, including managing creative collaborations and organising captivating art events. Explore the three C's of Paard Verzameld; Curate, Coordinate, Collaborate!

Connect with us over a virtual cup of coffee to discuss working together on your next equine art project, exhibition,

VIP night, or collaboration for promoting your business or brand.

Thelwell exhibition at the Living Horse Museum, Amsterdam
Fiera Cavalli Partnership, photo by Proheim
Ifat Zohar 'Beauty in Unity'

Artful Curation

Selecting art that inspires an event


Experience the magic of our curated exhibitions and large-scale installations.


Through our artful curation, we create immersive and thought-provoking art experiences that celebrate the unique connection between horses and art.

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Coordination & Organisation
Seamless event organisation


Entrust us with the seamless organisation and coordination of your equine art events.


With meticulous attention to detail, we handle every aspect from start to finish, including venue selection, logistics management, marketing, and promotion.

Recent and past events and exhibitions

Creative Collaborations

Inspiring partnerships

Paard Verzameld serves as the connecting link within the realm of equine art, enabling you to establish remarkable collaborations with renowned brands, museums, and artists.


Together, we bring to life exceptional projects that push creative boundaries and captivate audiences.

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Beauty in Unity, Ifat Zohar, 2023

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