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NOBEL, Myrthe vd Meer (artist) photo by Remco vd Kruis
NOBEL, photo by Remco vd Kruis
NOBEL, photo by Remco vd Kruis

Collective exhibition In partnership with De Paardenkamp, the Netherlands, 1-2 July, 2023

Paard Verzameld and De Paardenkamp partnered together in early July to bring to life the NOBEL exhibition. This incredible event showcased the incredible beauty and artistic talents inspired by the resident horses of De Paardenkamp. The NOBEL exhibition featured over 20 talented artists from around the world who researched, discovered, and created works of art that depict the beauty and unique personalities of the resident horses.

De Paardenkamp is an indispensable charity organisation that is committed to providing top-quality care and shelter to retired horses.
For over half a century, they have remained dedicated to caring for these incredible animals, ensuring that they lead happy and fulfilling lives, even after retirement. As an organization passionate about promoting equine artistry, Paard Verzameld was inspired to partner with
De Paardenkamp to create an event that would celebrate the beauty of these amazing animals.

NOBEL, photo by Remco vd Kruis
NOBEL, photo by Remco vd Kruis
NOBEL, photo by Remco vd Kruis

Photos by Remco van der Kruis

Exhibiting artists 

Didi Arias | Spain | Mixed media

Nannie van Berkel | the Netherlands | Photography 

Daisyree IJben | the Netherlands | Pastel

Maartje Klop | the Netherlands | Oils

Sylvana Kranendonk | the Netherlands | Photography

Remco van der Kruis | the Netherlands | Photography 

Jana Kunzler | Switzerland | Mixed media 

Alisha Meeders | the Netherlands/England | Photography

Myrthe van der Meer | the Netherlands | Mixed media

Desiree Meijer | the Netherlands | Photography

Crosby Morrow | United States | Sculpture 

Signe Oortgijsen | the Netherlands | Illustration

Julia Pankras | the Netherlands | Oil & acrylics 

Ellen Pitlo | the Netherlands | Photography 

Malou Ploeg | the Netherlands | Photography 

Margriet Talstra | the Netherlands | Acrylics 

Sanne ten Thij | the Netherlands | Pencil 

Mirelle Vegers | the Netherlands | Oils

Suzanne Vellema | the Netherlands | Conceptual 

Pauline Zeij | the Netherlands | Acrylics & sculpture 

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