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Artist information Dutch Equine Art Fair 

To apply use the application form on the bottom of this page.


  • Submission Deadline: April 15th

  • Ballotage Committee Decision: Week of April 15th

  • Notification of Acceptance: Week of April 22th

  • Installation: August 8th

  • Vernissage (invite only) August 9th 

  • Dutch Equine Art Fair:  August 10,11,12,13th 

Ballotage Committee

  • Elsbeth Bos, director Living Horse Museum

  • Joyce Ter Horst, equine art curator Paard Verzameld

  • Arnd Bronkhorst, international equine photographer

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit a PDF version of your CV, including your contact information and a brief artist statement.

  • Please provide 6 high-quality images of the artwork you are submitting for exhibition at the fair.  Four will be selected.

  • Include a description or title, dimensions, price and medium of each artwork submitted in a separate document. (PDF)

  • Ensure the images showcase your work accurately, without any distracting backgrounds.

Artist Requirements

  • Artists of all disciplines are encouraged to apply.

  • Artwork must be original, contemporary, and suitable for public display.

  • Artists are responsible for the transportation or delivery of their artwork to and from the art fair.

  • Selected artists may be required to provide additional information or materials related to their artwork for promotional purposes.

  • We believe it's important to preserve the uniqueness and human creativity in the exhibited artwork. Therefore, AI-generated artwork will not be accepted for this event. 

Selection Criteria 

We are specifically seeking exemplary examples of contemporary equine art that effectively capture and showcase the natural beauty of horses in their element and naturel state. 

Exhibition Fee after Selection

  • To secure participation in the Dutch Equine Art Fair 2024, artists are required to submit an exhibition fee of €475 (including tax).

    This fee includes various benefits such as:

    - Allocated exhibition space
    - A catered vernissage (invite only)
    - Four vernissage invitations
    - Social media promotion
    - Printed event promotion, newsletter inclusion, and the possibility of press coverage.


Please note that the Dutch Equine Art Fair is exclusively for individual artists and not open to gallery exhibitions. We aim to showcase the talents and works of individual artists in the equine art field.

Exhibition Area Details

  • In addition, please note that each artist will receive four separate standing walls, each measuring 1.22 cm (width) x 2.50 cm (height). These walls will be placed side by side, creating a cohesive exhibition space.

  • We would like to highlight that there is a maximum of one artwork allowed per wall board. This ensures that each artwork receives adequate attention and allows for optimal appreciation of the artistic expression.

  • Each artist can exhibit up to four works, with allowances made for the specific needs of different artistic mediums. Sculptors, conceptual artists, and those who require a different setup than traditional boards are accommodated regarding the number of works they can exhibit and exhibition materials needed.

Artist Presence at the Event

  • At the Dutch Equine Art Fair, the artist's presence throughout the event is of utmost importance to us as we believe it is a vital aspect of the fair. This collaboration creates an immersive and authentic experience for both the artists and the attendees.

  • During specific scheduled times for artwork installation and dismantling, it is necessary for artists to be physically present. While our organisation handles the hanging process, we cannot accept artwork without the artist being present.

  • We regretfully cannot consider applicants who are unable to be physically present at these essential moments, as it is integral to the Dutch Equine Art Fair experience.

  • We also highly appreciate the presence of the artist during the opening of the fair, as it provides valuable opportunities for promotion, networking, and other beneficial reasons.


  • During the event, parking is strictly prohibited on the venue grounds. However, artists are allowed to unload and load their artwork at the designated side entrance.

Terms and Conditions

  • Please review the terms and conditions here.


Contact Details
For any inquiries or assistance, please contact Joyce Ter Horst 

Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please let us know.

Dutch Equine  Art Fair 2024
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