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Paard Verzameld 

Exhibitions | Events | Creative partnerships

Through our collaborations with a fixed group of international artists and various partners from the equestrian and art worlds, we have been able to show over the past six years that Paard Verzameld has the unique gift of successfully bringing together these two different worlds. Something we do with an enormous passion for horses and unbridled love for art!

We have been able to engage in many wonderful projects and collaborations, all aimed at promoting equine art and connecting the artist, the collector and the collaborator. 

Interested in organizing a equine art event or exhibition ?

We would be delighted to work with you on an exhibition or an art event. Would you like to explore the possibilities? Then please contact us.

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Some of our recent partnerships

Paard Verzameld | Art&Cavallo, Fieracavalli Verona, Italy

Official commercial partner | International jury 2021-2022

 Paard Verzameld Gallery is in a official partnership with major Italian equestrian event 'Fieracavalli Verona' to contribute to the Art&Cavallo exhibition. Partly due to this collaboration with Paard Verzameld Gallery, the exhibition is on the map, had participants from all over the world  and attracted a large number of visitors. We are very much looking forward to the next edition in November 2022!

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Photos: Paard Verzameld | Progeim

Paard Verzameld | De Paardenkamp, the Netherlands
Inspiration days, exhibitions, meetups 2021-2022

We have a special bond with the Paardenkamp in the Netherlands. Not only does this foundation do work that we support one hundred percent, but it is also a wonderful place for an artist to spend a day. In 2021 we held our first Inspiration Day at this location.  Patron artists from the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany gathered here for a day of sketching and observing. 

This year De Paardenkamp will host another Inspiration Day and in August we will collaborate on our first equine art exhibition featuring the resident horses!

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Photos: Remco van der Kruis  

Paard Verzameld | Mauritshuis Museum, the Hague, the Netherlands 
Equine art expert at the George Stubbs Talk | Advertising campaign on George Stubbs, 2020

The collaboration with the Mauritshuis museum for the exhibition featuring George Stubbs and Whistlejacket is one we are extremely proud of. Not only was it very special to be able to experience the Mauritshuis so closely behind the scenes, and to see all that is involved in an international exhibition, but also to be able to participate in the special welcome organised for a unique and special moment. Namely, to see Whistlejacket in a museum in the Netherlands. 

Maurits Huis
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Photos: Remco van der Kruis  |  Mauritshuis