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My name is Fefa Koroleva.

I’m an artist from Russia, but based in Latvia.

I have a professional art education in art college and in University by specialisation painting.

I connect moments of reality with fabulous themes. I portray animals as unique images and characters.

I do my art works in oil or acrylics mainly on canvas, in pastels on special cardboard, in golden ink and gold leaf.

My main subject of work is animals and especially horses, which is prominent in most of the works.

I like to combine reality and decorativeness, lively lines and patterns. I create my unique patterns that look like unknown letters. I'm painting emotions and feelings, thoughts and memories. This gives me great freedom of expression.

My works carry a personal experience of a living relationship with horses. Recently, the topic of living death has opened up to me especially vividly. Not as something dark and heavy, but as a stage in life. Like a transition.

In addition to drawing, I also photograph horses.

One of the oldest horse breeds in Russia, the Don breed is in a very difficult position. It is small in number and does not receive any conservation support from the state.

For the last 10 years I have been actively involved in supporting and popularization the Don breed.

I photograph these horses a lot, write articles about them and draw.

My own horses are also Don breed horses.